Brow Spell Enhancing Eyebrow Serum


Brow Spell was created to give you the healthiest and fullest looking brows you've ever had. Using a combination of peptides, proteins, vitamins and conditioning ingredients this serum will create the brows of your dreams! See results in just 4-6 weeks.

Brow Spell eyebrow serum enhances the look of your brows to give you the appearance of fuller looking and healthier looking brows. Our brow serum is a gentle formula that was designed to help you get your youthful brows back!

We at Lash Spell take a mindful approach in creating products that provide safe solutions in achieving your ultimate brow dreams.

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ISOPROPYL CLOPROSTENATE a prostaglandin analogue that acts as our binding agent and helps to enhance the appearance of fullness and thickness of brows

BIOTIN & KERATIN work together to boost the protein structure of undernourished brows, providing a more voluminous-looking appearance

PEPTIDES help to protect and support the thicker-looking appearance of brows

ALLANTOIN helps to moisturize and soothe eyebrows

APPLE EXTRACT nourishes the brows, resulting in a more defined brow with a healthier-looking appearance