Less is More with Monica Watson, Founder of Berlin Skin

October 06, 2022

Less is More with Monica Watson, Founder of Berlin Skin

We reached out to Monica Watson, founder and CEO of Berlin Skin to hear her story and to learn from her experiences. If you don't already know about Berlin Skin, it's a minimalistic approach to skincare that is both simple and effective. The line is inspired by her German grandmother who always taught her that less is more when it comes to caring for our skin. Keep reading to learn more about Monica and Berlin Skin.

Launched in 2016, Monica started Berlin Skin with the hope of helping people transform their skin and find greater healing through a balanced, minimalist skin care routine. When we asked her what helped her get to where she is today she said "Hands down, the people in my life. I have so much support from my family, friends, and community - and this is a huge reason for my growth and success." We can't agree with this more, surrounding yourself with people who support your growth and nurture your soul are the most beneficial to overall success in every aspect of life. Monica also says "I truly believe God has led me to so many opportunities in my life to do what I get to do, and I try to live every day with gratitude in my heart for all of it. When we lead with gratitude, it's impossible to not feel courageous and joyful."

Monica is not only a successful business owner, she is also a mother and wife. We asked her what makes her feel alive, and she answered "Waking up each day excited to live my dream. It's so rewarding building a business, but that's not my entire world: I love being a wife and mom, and that always comes first. Being able to do both and still have balance and rest in my routine is absolutely incredible." 

This just might be our favorite thing we've heard in a long while, and we have to agree! Monica shares what she believes to be the most common misconception about skincare: "that you need to have a 12 step routine to have glowing skin. This is absolutely untrue. If you're using the right products, you can really have a simple skin care routine and see amazing results."

We asked Monica to share the best advice she's ever received: "Living a life that serves others is far more rewarding than a self-serving one." 

Thank you for sharing your story Monica! Be sure to check out Berlin Skin on IG and look out for a IG live that will be up with Monica in the near future on our page, @lash_spell. Feel free to use "SPELL" for 15% off your next order at Berlin Skin!