Lash Lift 101: How Long Does an Eyelash Lift Really Last?

January 10, 2024

Lash Lift 101: How Long Does an Eyelash Lift Really Last?

Long, luscious eyelashes have been a symbol of beauty dating as far back as ancient Egyptian times. Today, there's a wide array of products and treatments that can help enhance the lashes you were born with. Over the last decade, lash lifts have grown in popularity, so let's break down what they are, factors that affect how long they last and tips for extending their life so your lashes can always look their best.


What Is an Eyelash Lift?

Eyelash lifts are a popular technique that curl your eyelashes from the base to the tip to make your lashes look fuller and eyes appear bigger. Think of it as a miniature perm for your lashes that keeps them lifted and looking perkier.

Trained estheticians perform eyelash lifts using a tiny silicone curling rod and a lifting solution. Your natural lashes are curled over the rod with a water-based glue and each lash is set straight into the desired position. For anyone with lashes that grow in different directions, this is a game changer!

Next, the lifting solution is applied on your lashes for about five minutes, followed by the setting solution that helps maintain the curl. Tint is also added to make your eyelashes darker and more visible, and the entire process should take about 45 to 60 minutes.

Some people prefer lash lifts over lash extensions because they can last longer, they're not as harsh on your natural lashes and they cost less. Lash lifts are also maintenance-free and after 24 hours you can wear makeup, wash your face and use skincare products without ruining the treatment's effect.


Factors Influencing Lash Lift Duration

Since lash lifts are applied to your natural eyelashes, your natural growth cycle will affect how long your curl lasts. On average, eyelashes grow and shed about every six to 10 weeks.

The quality of the lash lift solutions will impact how your lashes respond. Research salons in your area and read their reviews to find one with satisfied customers. While there are do-it-yourself kits, having a licensed professional apply your lash lift is recommended for best results.

After the treatment, it's important to follow these instructions to maintain your curl. For the first 24 hours, keep your lashes completely dry and do not put on any makeup during that time, especially mascara. To wash your face, use a towelette or damp washcloth around your eyes, being cautious to keep your lashes totally dry. Sweat and steam are also no-no's during the first day, so plan to hit the gym or sauna before your lash lift appointment. As your lashes set into place, it's also important to avoid touching them so they stay aligned as intended.

After a full day has elapsed, you can resume all your normal routines, from washing your hair to swimming to putting on makeup.


Can Lash Spell Be Used on Lash Lifts?

We're so glad you asked—yes! Lash Spell is a gentle serum that works to enhance the look of fuller, healthier natural eyelashes. It will not affect the color or curl of your eyelashes. Instead it nourishes your eyelashes with a blend of biotin, peptides, allantoin and pumpkin seed extract that improve the appearance of lashes when used daily as directed. It's a great way to prep for a lash lift and to keep the results after use. Make sure you check with your esthetician because most advise that you do not use 24 hours after getting your lash lift done.

Like your skin and hair, eyelashes also benefit from TLC. Keeping them hydrated and nourished will improve their overall health and appearance, and Lash Spell is ideal for extending the life of your lash lift.

Happy customer Ivy R. had this to say about Lash Spell: I am NOT a girly who gets compliments on her lashes/brows naturally, so the moment I had a friend ask me, "How often do you get your lashes done?" after 12 weeks of using the serums, I knew they were ACTUAL magic. I'm excited to rock a "no makeup" summer look!


The Million-Dollar Question: How Long Do Lash Lifts Last?

The short answer is: It depends on a few factors. Your natural growth cycle, behavior in the 24 hours after treatment, the quality of the lash lift and how well you care for your lashes will all affect the duration of your lash lift. Even the time of year can affect how quickly you shed your lashes.

On average, you can expect a lash lift to last for six to eight weeks, which means they can provide you with your desired look longer than most extensions. For some, the lash lift could last even longer with proper maintenance.

A common misconception about lash lifts is that more solution or processing time can create a more dramatic lift. In reality, using too much solution or leaving it on too long can overprocess the lashes, leaving them frizzy or curled toward the eyelid. The belief that smaller rods provide you with better curl is another fallacy. The size of the rod — whether it's small or large — should be selected based on the length of your natural lashes. Longer lashes typically need larger rods, while shorter lashes get the best results with smaller ones.


Extending the Lifespan of Your Lash Lift

After waiting 48-72 hours from your lash lift appointment, it's helpful to apply a lash serum daily like Lash Spell. The gentle nourishment hydrates your lashes so they're stronger and healthier-looking.

To prevent the curl from changing shape, avoid touching your lashes and don't sleep face down if possible. Daily brushing with a lash brush or with the free spoolies found in most makeup shops can do wonders for keeping your lashes looking fluffy and prevent them from getting tangled.

If you're still inclined to wear mascara after your lash lift, opt for a water-based formula. At night, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover to take off your mascara and let your lashes breathe, patting your eyelashes dry but never rubbing. Waterproof mascara is not recommended since it is more difficult to remove.


FAQs About Lash Lifts

Loving the idea of waking up with perfectly curled and naturally beautiful lashes? Here are some frequently asked questions to know before you take the plunge.


Are lash lifts and eyelash perms the same thing?

No, lash lifts are a newer, improved procedure that deliver more desirable results. Perms were known for creating an overly curled look, but lash lifts use silicone pads to lift the lash from the root in either a straight or curled, upwards fashion. This technique produces the length and a wide-eyed look you want.


Do lash lifts hurt?

Ask to have a patch test done before proceeding with a full lash lift to ensure you're not allergic to any of the solutions. You should never feel any burning or itching from the process. Once you've confirmed you're not allergic, there is no discomfort involved. Just sit back and close your eyes while the technician gets to work.


Will the lash lift damage my natural lashes?

Nope, and that's the beauty of lash lifts! Just be sure to get your lash lift from a trained professional to preserve the health and integrity of your lashes.


Can I get a lash lift if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, contact wearers can safely get a lash lift; however, the lenses should be removed while the treatment is being applied. Since the lashes need to stay dry for 24 hours, it's best to wear your glasses that day to avoid any contact solution dampening your lashes.

Should I use an eyelash curler after a lash lift?

Curling your lashes every day with an eyelash curler can cause damage with or without a lash lift. That's because the curler can disrupt your lashes' outer protective sheath, making them appear thinner looking and leaving them more prone to breaking. Luckily after a lash lift, you won't need a curler, so it's best to leave it in your makeup drawer to avoid damage.


How often can I have a lash lift?

You lose three to five lashes per eye every day. This natural cycle means your lash lift will last for about two months. If your lashes shed faster than average, you can repeat the treatment after a minimum of one month.


Lash Lift Alternatives: Real-Life Experiences with Lash Spell

Getting fuller-looking, luscious lashes is possible even without a last lift. Lash Spell is a gentle serum that has given countless happy customers incredible results. The before and after pics say it all!

Jenn shared with us that: I don't usually leave reviews, but this stuff is truly incredible & I'm obsessed. I have light skin, skimpy, barely-there lashes & have always wanted long lashes. Pretty much tried every product (serum) out there with no success. My mom couldn't believe it when she noticed the length of my lashes & is planning to order some for herself.


My friends have noticed & when I went for my last facial my esthetician was blown away. It does take time & consistency but more than worth it! If anyone is on the fence about this product, I have had nothing but incredible results with zero side effects. Thank you for making such a great product!

Some people also love the look of lash extensions. To optimize your extensions, you can use Lash Spell with them. Sarah, the owner of Lash Fox in Ventura, California, explained why they make a great combo:

Lash serums can work wonders in conjunction with lash extensions if you're using the right product. Most growth serums mess with your natural growth cycle and can cause your lashes to stay in the last phase of hair growth. This is where you see dramatic results (that most want). However, once the hair is stuck in this phase it continues to pump nutrients into the follicles. Once you stop using the serum, most of your lashes shed to restart the cycle process. Mostly all starting back at the first stage of hair growth. This is not the desired result for someone with extensions. You need a lash to apply an extension to!

I've done plenty of research to know that not every lash serum will cause these results. I am always striving for healthy lashes to apply extensions to and Lash Spell has been the only serum I've come across that supplies nutrients to the hair without causing stress to its natural growth cycles. Ensuring that you are practicing proper extension aftercare, the healthier the natural lash, the better extension retention. I will recommend Lash Spell to a client who has naturally short or sparse lashes to help strengthen and promote natural growth while getting lashes. Maintaining healthy lashes should always be the most important goal when providing and receiving extension services.

Whatever look you're striving for, Lash Spell is designed to support your journey and bring out your confidence. From lash lifts to natural lashes to extensions, a swipe a day of Lash Spell provides extra nourishment to make your lashes stronger and healthier-looking. Add the magic of Lash Spell to your beauty routine today!