Simple Tricks to Grow Your Hair, Better Your Skin, and Strengthen Your Nails

May 19, 2022

Simple Tricks to Grow Your Hair, Better Your Skin, and Strengthen Your Nails

Beauty is always trending. Taking care of yourself is not only fun, but also a long term investment! Learn how to take the utmost care of your hair, skin, and nails with these helpful tricks!

First: Hair!

Caster Oil

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Caster oil can be great for growing out your hair, keeping it healthy, and split-end free. You know those cute sleek buns that are all the rage right now? Use caster oil to slick your hair back into a bun for an easy, healthy, and chic look!

Scalp Massager

Looks funny, really works! Next time you are shampooing or conditioning your hair, use a scalp massager to really work in those benefiting ingredients. Not only is it beneficial for your scalp but it is also very relaxing.


Scalp Oil 

This is a new one. I know what you are thinking, why would I put oil on my scalp? It does sound unappealing as you would think it would make your hair oilier faster, but trust me, it doesn't! JVN’s pre-wash scalp oil is hair changing! A splash of it before washing your hair and it gets rid of buildup, product residue, and promotes stronger hair from the root. 

Now Onto Nails

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you have it. It moisturizes the cuticle and your nail so breakage can be prevented. It’s a key staple in any beauty lovers bag for a reason!

Break Between Salon Visits

Getting your nails done is such a treat. But be sure to give your nails resting periods in between salon visits. It is easy for your nail bed to be weak due to too many salon visits. If you are used to getting acrylics or dip powder, try gel or regular polish for a few weeks to let your nails heal properly. 

Chill Tips

Our newest obsession! Chillhouse has come out with Chill Tips, which are press-on nails that last for about 2 weeks (tried and true!) and they are not as bad for your nails as original press ons. It is a game changer, as it only takes 10 minutes to press on, and they look just like your real nails but better!


Skin is IN!


Everyone knows the secret to glowing skin is by hydrating. It is apparent that when we forget to hydrate our skin becomes dull and maybe even flaky. Be sure to constantly drink water and eat hydrating foods like fruit for your skin to glow even more.

Makeup Must Come Off

If you wear makeup everyday it is important to remove it before bedtime. As our skin cells resurface at night time we don’t want makeup particles getting caught in our sebaceous glands causing breakouts. A quick double cleansing will do the trick or try micellar water if you really don’t have it in you to take everything off.

Clean Makeup

Clean makeup is huge right now, and for good reason! Choosing beauty products that are good for your skin is important, clean beauty makes it easy to choose that. To achieve the best skin of your life start using makeup that is deemed clean! (We love ilia!) ❤️



Exfoliating weekly is super important to maintain the appearance of your skin's barrier. Use a chemical AHA or BHA exfoliant for best results. Just be sure not to over-exfoliate!


To enhance all of your natural features, choose hair, skin, and nail gummies. HUM gummies are used to strengthen your natural features over time in just a few weeks. Plus they are super yummy too!