Lash Cycles 101

June 03, 2021

Lash Cycles 101

Did you know that our lashes have a life cycle just as the hair on your head does?! I’m going to lay it all out for you to help give a clear understanding as to how our Lash & Brow Enhancing serums work with your natural lash cycles.  Plus we’re giving you 15% OFF OUR LASH SERUM until June 10th! Use code LASHCYCLE at checkout.

First let’s get a lay of the lash land. On the upper lash line there are between 100-150 lashes, all in about five to six rows. The lower lash line has between 50-75 eyelashes.


Each eyelash is made up of a hair shaft (the eyelash) that extends above the skin, a root under the skin, and a bulb where the new hair begins to grow. The bulb is connected to the dermal papilla (blood supply) which nourishes the lashes so they can grow.


Each eyelash grows in a cycle with three different stages:

  • Anagen - This is the active growth phase of hair and for lashes it lasts typically about six weeks but can range from anywhere between 4-10 weeks.
  • Catagen - This transition phase takes place when the hair stops growing, but does not yet fall out. It lasts about 15 days.
  • Telogen - The resting phase occurs when the shedding of the lash takes place, between 4-9 months.

About half (~40%) of the eyelashes are in the anagen phase. After the lash falls out the cycle begins anew with the anagen phase. The more time an eyelash stays in the growth phase, the longer it will grow.

Enter… Lash Spell, our serum is a gentle formula that works to extend the duration of this phase so lashes can continue in this phase for a longer period of time.  As mentioned, because only 40% of your lashes are in this phase at a time, you may notice results on a portion of your lashes while the other 60% cycle go through the other phases.

During the Catagen phase when the eyelash stops growing it is no longer connected to the blood supply which nourishes the lashes. In this phase Lash Spell’s ingredients like peptide, biotin, keratin and pumpkin seed extract work to keep lashes conditioned, nourished and strengthened. The results - a fuller and voluminous-looking lash.

In the last resting phase, the lashes will be dormant until new baby lashes begin to grow. This stage can last between 3-4 months before the eyelash will shed and then re-enter the active growth phase.  Typically, half of eyelashes will be in this phase at one time. Lash Spell works to speed up this phase so that lashes can get to the growth phase sooner.

On our next post we will be sharing out how and why the serum works more quickly on some vs. others and results that you can expect to see!

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