Simply Ways to Keep Your Lashes Healthy

March 10, 2022

Simply Ways to Keep Your Lashes Healthy

We know that long, healthy lashes aren't just a result of the genetics, but also the CARE we give to our lashes! Since lash health is key to achieving longer-looking lashes, let's get into some easy ways you can promote longer-looking, healthy lashes. 

1. Try your best not to sleep on your face.

As an avid belly sleeper I know how hard this can be! But, sleeping on your back can have lots of health benefits- yes like less wrinkles and breakouts! And speaking of sleeping - swap your cotton pillow case for a satin one! If you can't avoid sleeping on your face, this will help when your lashes do come in contact with your pillow, resulting in less breakage of lashes.

2. Take mascara breaks.

Try to dedicate a day or two a week to no makeup. This will have a tremendous impact on your lash health! Less breakage and clearer skin to boot!

3. Make sure you are removing ALL your makeup (especially mascara) before you go to bed.

When you sleep with product on your eyes you are not only opening yourself up to breakage but also eye infections! Hard pass! Take the extra couple minutes to remove your mascara.

Here are Tara's tips for removing eye make-up: Fully cleanse your face and use a gentle makeup remover at the end of each day. Pay careful attention to the eye area and do not pull or tug at your lashes when removing makeup. Instead gently wipe from top to bottom - the direction you remove the makeup is important as we do not want to go against the natural direction of the lashes. DO NOT remove eye makeup from side to side as this will cause lashes to fall out.

4. Try not to rub your eyes!

Yes, we know sometimes this can feel impossible, or even become a (bad) habit. But, every time we rub our eyes you are so much more likely to pull out some lashes. Keep that end goal of thick, luscious lashes in mind! ;)

5. Our favorite tip, use Lash Spell!

Lash serum can be a huge help for not only the look of healthy lashes but the feel of them! Check out our reviews! Lash Spell can combat lash issues when tips 1-4 just aren't cutting it. Lash Spell has all the nutrients that your lashes may not be getting enough of to keep your lashes healthy and longer-looking! And what's even better, you will start to see results in as little as 4 weeks! Shop Lash Spell here!