Lash Lift 101

March 02, 2023

Lash Lift 101

Ever wanted to wake up with naturally curled lashes without having to use the eyelash curler or a swipe of mascara first? With all the options available - you can now pick between lash extensions, a lash lift, lash serum, lash strips, and the list goes on! One of our favorites for a low-maintenance beauty trick is to treat yourself to a lash lift every once in a while. It's a simple way to amplify your natural lashes, and it's especially great after you've been using a lash serum.

Tara recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Brittaney from Face & Soul Studio to talk all things lash lifts and to get one done! You can check out the YouTube video here! Lash lifts enhance the appearance of your natural lashes without the application of makeup or lash extensions, it’s kind of like a perm for your lashes (but not as harsh!) Typically, lash lifts involve curling and lifting the natural lashes using a chemical solution, it is painless and doesn’t take much time. You can plan to spend between 45 minutes to one hour for a lash lift appointment.

So how long do the results of a lash lift last? The results typically last for 6-8 weeks, depending on the individual's lash growth cycle. Makeup + mascara application can affect this timeline also. Lash lifts can be a great alternative to lash extensions or falsies for those who want a more natural-looking, low-maintenance solution to enhance their lashes and you can even use your Lash Spell Eyelash Enhancing Serum while you have a lift, so your natural lashes are feeling stronger and healthier. However, it's important to choose a reputable and experienced technician to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the overall treatment. Wondering some other reasons why lash lifts are a good option?  

  1. Natural-looking results: A lash lift enhances the natural curl of your lashes, making them appear longer and fuller without adding any artificial extensions or fibers. This can create a more natural-looking effect than any other lash treatments because your lashes are naturally yours!

  2. Low-maintenance: Unlike lash extensions, which require frequent upkeep, a lash lift is a low-maintenance treatment that lasts for several weeks. This means you can enjoy your new lifted lashes without having to worry about filling in extensions or applying falsies. Aftercare involves combing your lashes daily, and applying an oil if you start to notice they are drying out to keep them healthy.

  3. Time-saving: Because a lash lift adds curl to your natural lashes, it can help you save time in your daily beauty routine. You may not need to spend as much time curling your lashes with an eyelash curler or applying mascara at all. In most cases, your esthetician will offer to combine a lash tint with your lift, making it even easier to go makeup free in the subsequent weeks. 

  4. Safe: Lash lifts are generally considered safe when performed by a qualified technician. The procedure does not involve any harsh chemicals or materials that can cause damage to your lashes. The whole process is painless and since your eyes are closed the entire time it is kind of relaxing, like taking a nap. 

  5. Adds an extra POP: One thing that we personally love about lash lifts is that they naturally open up the eye area creating a more youthful appearance!  If you do decide to wear mascara while you have a lash lift it will amplify your look and make for the appearance of extreme length and volume to your natural lashes. 
  6. Beneficial to long lash girls too: Are your lashes naturally super long and curly? We’re jealous! ;) But lash lifts are still a good option for you, look in mirror at the outside corners of your lashes, right where your bottom lash line meets your top. A lot of times lashes can clump together and tangle in this area, especially for people who have longer lashes. A lash lift is one of the only ways to get these lashes to separate and go to their delegated lash line (without having to get a lash separating tool and do this tediously).

So how does one maintain their lash lift? Like stated above, minimizing the amount of times you wear eye-makeup will prolong your results. Keeping your lashes hydrated with a lash serum will also help them to stay longer. Avoid rubbing your eyes, washing your face abrasively, and sleeping on your stomach/face as much as possible. If you avoid these things your lash lift will be sure to last 6-8 weeks or even longer!

Overall, a lash lift can be a good option for those who want a low-maintenance, natural-looking way to enhance their lashes, combined with Lash Spell of course! Are you looking for a good place to try a lash lift? Check out Brittaney from Face & Soul Studio in Thousand Oaks, or DM us on IG for other recommendations in the Southern California area.