How do Lash Spell and Lash Extensions work together?

September 07, 2022

How do Lash Spell and Lash Extensions work together?

Who doesn't love long lashes? One of our most frequently asked questions is "Can I use Lash Spell on top of my already existing lash extensions?" So we asked a professional, Sarah, the owner at Lash Fox. Lash Fox is located in Ventura, California specializing in lash extensions and overall lash health. Keep reading to learn how Lash Spell works in conjunction with lash extensions.

"Lash serums can work wonders in conjunction with lash extensions if you’re using the right product. Most growth serums mess with your natural growth cycle and can cause your lashes to stay in the last phase of hair growth. This is where you see dramatic results (that most want). However, once the hair is stuck in this phase it continues to pump nutrients into the follicles. Once you stop using the serum, most of your lashes shed to restart the cycle process. Mostly all starting back at the first stage of hair growth. This is not the desired result for someone with extensions. You need a lash to apply an extension to!

I’ve done plenty of research to know that not every lash serum will cause these results. I am always striving for healthy lashes to apply extensions to and Lash Spell has been the only serum I’ve come across that supplies nutrients to the hair without causing stress to its natural growth cycles. Ensuring that you are practicing proper extension aftercare, the healthier the natural lash, the better extension retention. I will recommend Lash Spell to a client who has naturally short or sparse lashes to help strengthen and promote natural growth while getting lashes. Maintaining healthy lashes should always be the most important goal when providing and receiving extension services."

Thanks Sarah for sharing your experience with us! Also, as a reminder Lash Spell serums (including Brow Spell) are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested & approved, and safe to use with contact lenses and, of course, lash extensions. Stock up on your Lash Spell and book your appointment at Lash Fox - we love helping you achieve the lashes of your dreams in whatever way that is - natural lashes or with lash extensions! Use code "lashfox" for 10% off your next order of Lash Spell!