Calendars and Journals for 2022

December 30, 2021

Calendars and Journals for 2022

Planning for 2022

It's my favorite time of year! The end of the year is when I take inventory of where I feel I'm at personally, emotionally, physically, and in my career. It's a time to reflect and think about what has been accomplished, and then plan for the upcoming year. One thing I've learned is to celebrate progress, over meeting a particular goal. While accomplishing a goal brings me an intense amount of satisfaction, I also love celebrating the journey and hard work it takes to get there. Progress over perfection. This is my motto going into 2022.

With that I wanted to share out a few calendars and journals to help you plan to make your 2022 an amazing year! Each of the images below will link to where you can find the calendars & journals.

Wall Calendars

We love this simple calendar that will fit in any home/decor!

if you love travel, this Etsy calendar is so cute!
2022 Travel Wall Calendar Monthly Calendar Illustrated 12 image 1
The colors in this calendar are so uplifting & fun!
These quotes give me daily inspiration! I have this one in my cart.
Simple Wall Calendar - This gives me The Office vibes and I'm digging it.


Wilde House Paper - I have the Day paper journal and love the simplicity of their journals and notebooks. 
The Dreamer Journal Day Jotter



My love for Rifle Paper Co & their products runs deep. The colors, the fonts - they bring me so much joy.
You always rely on a good old spiral notebook to journal in. Here is one I love!
Glennon Doyle's book Untamed was a favorite this last year, so thought this would be a fun journal to try out!
Have you heard of a gratitude journal? This 5-Minute Journal makes it easy to develop a daily practice through prompts that only take a few minutes to complete.
The Habit Journal seems like another great option to start creating good habits this year with  intention.
Do you have a journal or planner you love?! Let us know!