July 07, 2021


Recently I’ve been trying to get my workouts in in the morning because I noticed it would impact my entire day. It sent me into the google abyss to find out just why it is that AM workouts are that much more effective.  I wanted to share what we discovered because truth is – those morning workouts really are that much better!

While this may not be realistic for every situation, whenever possible I try to sneak in a run or workout in the morning. Here are just a few of the benefits of working out in the morning:

  • The biggest one (for me) being there are fewer distractions. I haven’t started on my to-do list yet and it’s easier to get it done with a clear and focused mind.
  • If you’re exercising outside you will appreciate the cooler weather in the AM. Plus all that fresh air first thing in the morning = amazing combo IMO.
  • If you start your day on this positive note, chances are getting that workout in in the morning will impact your food choices for day. You’ll remember that workout and rationalize food choices, not wanting the workout to "go to waste"… or you might be able to use that as an excuse to indulge in your favorite treat. Either way, your workout is done. :)
  • Improved Sleep – starting the day with a workout gets your energy levels up first thing in the morning and has shown to stimulate earlier melatonin release in the evenings.

And here are a couple of our favorite trainers that provide free LIVE workouts online. Check them out!

Rachael DeVaux - not only are her workouts killer, but her recipes are equally as satisfying with delicious dinners and tasty "sweets!"

Maddie from Madfit - started trying out her workouts during quarantine last year and honestly not sure if I'll ever go back to a gym. Her at-home workouts not only challenge you but they are FUN! Between the music selection and the quick 3-5 minute ab videos they make working out WAY more fun!

Let's hear your favorites!