Early Access to Mother's Day SALE, Cool Playlists, Spring Lash Shedding

April 28, 2023

Early Access to Mother's Day SALE, Cool Playlists, Spring Lash Shedding

Mother's Day is just about TWO weeks away! Lash Spell truly is the perfect gift for mom - it makes mornings & nights out that much easier - and confident! AND I have an early present for YOU - 15% off your order with code MOTHERSDAY at checkout! Shop HERE & enjoy mama! 

Book Update - I have officially finished The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. It has helped me to understand so much more about myself, and gave me tangible suggestions for how to live a more present life. My biggest takeaways from this book - 1. You are not your thoughts or emotions. When we detach ourselves from our thoughts & emotions, we can experience a deeper sense of peace. 2. Let go of resistance. Singer says much of our suffering comes from our resistance to reality. When we try to control or avoid certain situations or emotions we create inner tension and blockages. He suggests learning to surrender to what is and embrace the present moment!


- I am so picky about face sunscreen so always find these articles interesting - The 18 Very Best Sunscreens for Your Face Including options for sunscreen-phobic acne sufferers.

- Local friends - I tried this new smoothie place this week & I can't wait to go back!

99 Travel Hacks To Make Your Next Trip A Little Easier - these are SO good!

5 Recipes Worth Memorizing


Ohhh I have a couple good playlists for you!
Channeling these cool vibes this weekend. :)


Have you noticed your lashes shedding more recently?! You aren't the only one... Read All About Spring Lash Shedding HERE.