How To Protect Your Skin During Allergy Season

May 06, 2022

How to protect your skin during allergy season

Allergy season is well underway but that doesn’t mean you can't enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Here are some helpful tips that will keep your skin in check during the change in seasons.

Avoid harsh ingredients in your shower

During this season your allergies may be running amuck, so stick to what you know when using products in your shower in an effort to limit your allergic reactions. If you are determined to try out new products check out fragrance and dye-free options to reduce negative skin reactions. Bonus points if you chill out in a cool shower (it reduces inflammation)!

Supergoop Glow Screen Sunscreen

The sun is shining and you’re getting out more, don't forget your sunscreen! Protect your skin this spring by swiping on sunscreen before your makeup. Supergoop’s Glowscreen creates a dewy finish with light coverage and it is made with clean ingredients - no wonder it is named one of the best in the game!

Reusable Eye Masks

One of the most relaxing and effective ways to de-puff your face is to use chilled eye masks. If your allergies cause your eyes to be a bit puffy in the mornings this simple trick is the way to go. You can find reusable eye masks on Amazon, pop them in the freezer the night before use, then in the morning they are ready to calm inflammation and puffy under-eyes.

Limit exfoliation

During these spring months you may want to cut back on your exfoliation routine. If allergies cause your skin to turn red or itchy, exfoliation may make symptoms worse. When exfoliation is needed be sure to follow with a deep moisturizer after.

Drunk Elephant Anti Pollution D-Bronzi Drops

This product is no joke! It is created to fortify against harsh pollutants and environmental stressors but at the same time it creates a beautiful glow. Serving as a defense for this allergy season but also giving you a youthful sun kissed sparkle to your cheeks. 

Give your nose some TLC!

Last but not least, take notice of your nose! You may find yourself going through more tissues this season, so be sure to give it a little extra moisturizer than the rest of your face to reduce skin breakage.