Now Trending: Natural Glowy Makeup

July 28, 2022

Now Trending: Natural Glowy Makeup

Ever wondered how celebs and models get that ever so subtle glow year round? Get your glow on this summer with these tips to make any makeup look one that is fresh, dewy, and fun.


Kind of a no-brainer. Highlighter has only been popular for a few years but it has made quite the impact on the beauty industry! From powders, creams, sprays, and balms, highlighter is now a staple in most beauty collections. Going for a dewy or glowy makeup look requires a highlighter. We recommend one that comes in a balm or cream formula. This will give the most natural look on the skin (especially for the dry skin population!) Piling up too much powder products can counteract the fresh feel we are after. Blending highlighter on the peaks of your cheekbones, your brow bone, collarbone, and bridge of your nose is the perfect way to get a dewy effect on the skin. Need a good suggestion for a highlighter? Try Ilia’s Clean Illuminator

Natural Eyebrows

This is where Brow Spell comes in handy! Having natural eyebrows is great when you are trying to achieve a fresh summer look. If you are using Brow Spell daily you will start to see results pretty quickly, a fluffier brow area means less makeup on your brows when getting ready. The spoolie applicator is so easy to use, you can even use it to comb your brows up, kinda like a brow gel, but it’s working while it’s on your brows.

Blotting Paper

Limit the powder products and instead tote around blotting papers when you feel shiny. Blotting paper is great because it stops shine in its tracks and doesn’t promote the look of cakiness on your face. There are even some that are skin nourishing! Blotting paper is such a great alternative to powder. Here's one we like.

Setting Spray

Who doesn’t love a good mist? It is so refreshing after applying your makeup to seal it all in with a nice setting spray. A setting spray locks in all of your makeup (yes, even your eyeshadow) and prevents it from budging. Once again avoiding the need to over do it with powder products. If you are not into the longevity of your setting spray you can always opt for a rosewater or aloe spray, which is more of a refreshing sensation than a staying power spray. To really top it all off, look for a setting spray that has SPF added in it! Perfect for that summer weather. 


Apply Lash Spell nightly so over the course of just a few weeks you will notice longer looking lashes that are more enhanced and bolder! Naturally leveling up your makeup game! 😉