Our 5 Favorite Under-Eye Patches

January 13, 2022

Our 5 Favorite Under-Eye Patches

Here at Lash Spell we love a good morning routine. And a key player in our morning routine has been using under-eye patches. Here is a list of our 5 favorites at the moment.


     1. Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

These eye gels are absolutely amazing to de-puff your under-eyes in a morning pinch. They also work against fine lines and wrinkles. These patches also give you that soothing cooling feeling, great for sleepy mornings.


     2. Sephora, Caffeine Clean Eye Mask

A go-to eye mask to brighten and energize your eyes in the morning. This mask is also made to target those dark circles in only 5 minutes. We also recommend the cucumber mask!


      3. BeautyBio, Bright Eyes

These masks are a fan favorite. Infused with colloidal silver and collagen, they instantly de-puffs and brightens your eyes. A perfect choice to give you that amazing morning glow!

     4. KNC, Star Eye Mask- All Eyes On Me!

These Instagram-worthy star masks are known for being all natural with aloe and retinol. The retinol aids to refine texture and stimulate blood flow while the aloe soothes and reduces redness. 

     5. Pixi, DetoxifEYE Patches

These soothing eye patches are perfect for de-puffing the delicate eye area, especially for those of us with sensitive skin! These eye patches are made to hydrate and refresh your under-eye area!

Now for the highly debated question... which way do you put the eye patches on?

It all depends on what you are using them for! If you are targeting fine lines and wrinkles wear the thicker side of the patches out to cover your outer corner of the eye. If you are wanting to focus on de-puffing and rejuvenating your under-eyes, wear the thicker side inward. While you are relaxing with your patches on, make sure to apply your morning Brow Spell!