Our Favorite Places in NYC

August 02, 2022

Our Favorite Places in NYC

Guess what? Lash Spell is planning our next trip to NYC! We are excited to bring Spell to the East Coast once again, see the sights, and maybe even meet some of you guys! With this trip quickly approaching, we want to spotlight some of our East Coast favorites, compliments of Tatum. Meet Tatum, she’s the East Coast extension of Lash Spell. Check out her finds below, from pizza to cocktails. 

For a Classic NY Slice

New York is known for its pizza, so this choice has to be well thought out. Joe’s Pizza is perfect for an on the go slice. If you want an entire pie, make the hike to Bushwick Brooklyn for Roberta’s, it’s Beyonce’s favorite and mine too! Don’t want to take the L train? Whole Foods has Roberta’s in the frozen pizza section but obviously it's just not the same.

For a Sweat

In NYC there is a new workout class on every corner. Wundabar Pilates is personally my go-to workout for when I want to feel strong and get a restorative burn. Although another favorite of mine is Rumble boxing, it's dark, loud, and always gets me pumped for a cardio workout.

For a Secret Drink

Speakeasies are always a good time! The Garret West is located inside a Five Guys in the West Village and it is my favorite place to go with girlfriends. The location makes it super fun and on your way out you can grab a burger, what could be better?

For Caffeine 

Coffee shops are the backbone of the city. Whenever I am walking in the Meatpacking District I always swing by Kobrick Coffee, it's a swanky coffee shop with beautiful decor and delicious coffee (also the avocado toast is amazing!)

For the Best Food

I am into the classic spots. Brunch at The Odeon dinner at Indochine. I like the classic places that have stood the test of time. The Odeon has the best brunch options with a diner-like atmosphere. Indochine is truly my favorite restaurant in New York. The French-Vietnamese fusion cuisine is unbeatable and the atmosphere is also super chic and old New York. 

For Your Nails

I can’t brag about Glosslab enough. It is a membership based nail salon that is worth every penny. For $130 a month you get unlimited mani’s and pedi’s (gel included!) which in NYC is a deal…There are tons of locations no matter what neighborhood you are in and the services aren’t longer than 45 minutes. It is truly a dream.

For a Stroll

One of my favorite pastimes is walking. I live far downtown on the Bowery and I love to walk up Bowery looking into the shops, the hair salons, restaurants, and parks. It’s the perfect walking route for someone who truly wants to feel NYC’s energy.