Spring (Nesting), A Relaxing Playlist, & Matthew McConaughey

April 13, 2023

Spring (Nesting), A Relaxing Playlist, & Matthew McConaughey

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Spring... nesting?! Is this a thing? Suddenly I am energized and filled with ideas of projects and things I'd like to do in our home. Remember the built-in bench idea? Still fantasizing about that, along with a fireplace re-do, paint, wainscoting and wallpaper. (I hope Tim doesn't subscribe to this newsletter) :)

I bought myself flowers today and it reminded me of a conversation with a friend a while ago. Buying flowers for myself instantly boosts my mood, and buying friends flowers is also fun too! Here's why you should buy yourself flowers too!

With the home project ideas, also comes browsing for art. A few I like 1 2 3 ... Do you have a style? I find myself shifting throughout the years, but coming back to a more eclectic, casual style. I love color, and am missing it in my home. I'm looking for some art that will bring some fun & light into our home (hence the paint needed too :). Another idea I LOVE - framing our kids art!

✨Some Fun/Interesting Links✨

- 43 Fresh Salads To Help You Welcome Spring

- This song, created in collaboration with sound therapists, is said to reduce stress and anxiety by up to 65%. 

-  How to Help Young People Limit Screen Time - and Feel Better About How They Look NPR  Recommended by Lynzy & Co, A great read for parents of pre-teens and teens! 

- Bosu ball - We just got one as I'm prepping for summer workouts at home. Saved this article to get ready - 15 Best Bosu Ball Exercises That Will Tone Your Entire Body.

✨Listens This Week✨
I listened to this podcast: 6 Truths To Get What You Want In Life with Matthew McConaughey. I have always loved Matthew McConaughey for all the rom-coms he starred in throughout my formative years, and then for his courage to shift his acting career. If you haven't already, I highly recommend listening to his audiobook Greenlights, - he narrates it himself! Not only is it hilariously entertaining, but incredibly inspiring.   
Here's a playlist of relaxing songs from the same article mentioned above about the song that is said to reduce stress up to 65%. Enjoy (and relax). :)
Have a great weekend!