Lash Spell Results: What Can You Expect?

April 19, 2022

what can you expect using a lash serum, girl with longer looking lashes

We get it, adding a new item to your beauty routine can be scary, especially when the results for new said item aren't instantaneous! Here's what to expect within the first few weeks using Lash Spell so you can sit back, relax, and let the magic happen. 

Fuller-Looking Lashes

Tired of seeing lashes on your makeup wipe? One of the benefits with daily use of Lash Spell is less lash fallout! For more tips on how to care for your lashes when removing your eye-makeup, check out this blog post here

Using Lash Spell everyday can make for a thicky situation! With the help of nourishing ingredients like peptides and pumpkin seed extract in our formula, these help to keep your lashes conditioned and nourished for longer when your body is unable to. Thus, creating full, voluminous-looking lashes!

Stronger Lashes

Along with less fallout, you'll notice your lashes feel stronger, which means less breakage! Yay! We took a mindful approach to the ingredients that are in our Lash Spell formula. Ingredients like biotin works to strengthen, nourish and protect the lashes, while other ingredients like allantoin help to moisture and soothe lashes while improving lash durability and flexibility.  The result: strong, healthy, nourished lashes that look longer and thicker.

Confidence Going Makeup-Free

Enhanced eyelashes = less makeup, or no makeup at all! You won’t have to keep swiping the mascara across your lashes 5 times before finally feeling like they look long enough, or feel free to nix the mascara all together. We promise you will love the look of your natural lashes.

The Results Keep Getting Better

Set your daily reminder to apply your serum! Rome wasn’t built in a day and you will see best results with continued use. You will likely start to notice results within weeks 4-6, with max results seen around week 12.

Here are a few examples of results seen after 4 weeks of use, 8 weeks of use, and 12 weeks of use.

If you have any questions regarding your lashes or brows please visit our FAQ here or send us a message!