Why do I need to wash my face, especially my eye area, before bed?

September 07, 2023

Why do I need to wash my face, especially my eye area, before bed?

Ah, the bedtime ritual – the moment when the day's adventures meet the night's dreams. As you slip into your comfiest pajamas and bid farewell to the outside world, there's one essential encore performance awaiting you backstage: the face-washing extravaganza! Why, you ask? Well, think of it as the grand finale that helps your skin recover from its starring role in your daily escapades. So, grab your cleanser and let's embark on a whimsical journey through the whimsical world of bedtime face washing, where clean faces meet dreams as pure as moonlight and wrinkles dare not tread!

Here are the REAL reasons WHY you should be washing your face, especially the eye area before bedtime:

  1. Removing makeup and dirt: Throughout the day, your face and eyes accumulate makeup, dirt, sweat, and environmental pollutants. Leaving these substances on your skin overnight can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dull skin. Proper cleansing helps remove these impurities, preventing skin problems.

  2. Preventing acne and breakouts: If you don't cleanse your face before bed, bacteria and oil can build up on your skin's surface, leading to acne and breakouts. Regularly cleansing your face helps prevent these skin issues and promotes clear, healthy skin. Our favorite cleansers are Drunk Elephant's Beste Jelly Cleanser, Sorella Apocethary's Orange Jelly Cleanser and YTTP's Kale & Green Tea Cleanser.

  3. Allowing your skin to breathe: Makeup, sunscreen, and other products can create a barrier on your skin that prevents it from breathing and renewing itself naturally. Cleansing before bed gives your skin the opportunity to regenerate and repair overnight.

  4. Minimizing the risk of eye infections: If you wear contact lenses or use eye makeup, it's essential to remove these items before sleep. Sleeping with contacts in or makeup on can increase the risk of eye infections and irritations.

  5. Reducing the risk of eye allergies: Allergens like pollen and dust can accumulate on your eyelashes and eyelids during the day. Washing your eye area before bed helps remove these allergens, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and discomfort.

  6. Preventing premature aging: Leaving makeup and pollutants on your skin overnight can contribute to premature aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Proper cleansing and moisturizing can help maintain a youthful complexion.

  7. Enhancing the effectiveness of skincare products: If you have a skincare routine, cleansing before bed prepares your skin to better absorb and benefit from the products you apply, such as serums and moisturizers... and your favorite lash serum. ;)

  8. Promoting relaxation and better sleep: Establishing a bedtime skincare routine can be a calming and enjoyable ritual. It signals to your body that it's time to wind down and can contribute to better sleep quality.

To make sure you're not just going through the motions of pre-bedtime face cleansing, pick a gentle cleanser that's like a personalized skincare BFF for your skin type (see above reco's). And when it comes to those lashes, treat them with the same care you'd give to your grandma's antique china – delicately! No one wants irritated eye skin, right? Then, finish off this nightly spa ritual with a moisturizer that's basically the overnight superhero your skin deserves. Say goodbye to dullness, and hello to a well-rested, glowy you in the morning! 🌟💤