5 Facts and Myths About Lash Serum

June 23, 2021

5 Facts and Myths About Lash Serum

Lash Serum is a revolutionary, dermatologist-tested product that helps promote the appearance of longer-looking lashes.  Lash Spell lash serum is a fantastic addition to any daily beauty routine. We understand that with any new product comes questions about its effectiveness and understanding the best way of incorporating Lash Serum into your schedule.  So let's talk about 5 Facts and Myths about Lash Serum.

1. Myth - You'll get results more quickly if you use your lash serum twice a day.

Use your Lash Spell lash serum just once each day!  Increasing the amount of times per day that you apply your serum will not speed up results.  Consistency is key, so as long as you are applying once per day, you will see the fastest possible results.

2. Myth - It takes multiple months to see results

While it is true that the full results of Lash Spell serum can take around two to three months to develop, many customers see significant results within just four weeks! See this post about lash cycles to understand how each persons results can vary due to the cycle of your lashes.

3. Fact - Lash Spell Lash Serum is dermatologist approved

According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, "Over-the-counter lash serums typically contain peptides that promote healthier lashes, which can lead to enhanced thickness and length."  Not all lash serums are dermatologist approved, so be sure to do your research! Good news, Lash Spell is dermatologist AND ophthalmologist approved! Check!

4. Fact - Lash Serum works with your natural Lash Cycles

The science behind eyelash serums is simple.  Natural ingredients that stimulate your lashes during their growth stage are perfectly blended to produce the best results possible.  You can read more about lash cycles here.

 5. Myth - All Lash Serums are Created Equal

Many Lash Serums may appear the same, but only some include additional ingredients that encourage healthy, soft, and lush lashes.  You can read about all of the ingredients that make Lash Spell unique in this blog posts. 

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