Does Lash Serum Work on Asian Lashes?

August 24, 2023

Does Lash Serum Work on Asian Lashes?

The American beauty industry predominantly markets new products that have a single demographic in mind that does not always include Asian women.  This can leave many customers asking if a certain product will work for them.

Lash serum is typically a formulated solution that helps promote the appearance of fuller, thicker, stronger and longer looking lashes.  The serum achieves this effect by working within the eyelashes' natural cycles, which you can learn more about here.

According to a comparative study published in the National Library of Medicine, eyelashes belonging to Asian women have slight differences in how they curl, however have almost no difference when it comes to growth rate or overall length.

So the short answer is - of course lash serum will work on Asian eyelashes!  The natural growth accentuation of the product will be the same.  Beauty brands have a responsibility to ensure that the effectiveness of their products is ensured outside of a single demographic that has historically excluded many individuals. 

On an anecdotal note, I recently gifted my Mom and Grandma, who are both Vietnamese, Lash Spell and am excited to see their results within the next month.